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How can I give feedback about PropertyStays?

Use our feedback form to give feedback about how an PropertyStays feature works or report a bug. If you have a question or need help with something specific, start by searching our Help.

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How do I cancel a reservation as a host?

To cancel a reservation: – Go to Your Reservations on ProperyStays.com – Find the reservation you need to cancel – Select Change or Cancel to start the cancellation process Cancellation penalties Canceling a guest’s reservation can have serious implications on their trip, so penalties will be applied unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

Pricing & availability

How do I set a custom price for specific nights, weeks, or months?

To set a custom price for specific nights: – Go to Your listings on ProperyStays.com and select a listing – Click Calendar – Click a date to select it, or click and drag your cursor to select multiple dates – Enter the nightly price and click Save changes – To set a custom price for specific weeks or months:

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Getting started

Deciding to host

Understand ProperyStays’s quality standards and the legal requirements for hosts. Learn how to prepare for hosting by creating a listing, talking to neighbors, and communicating with potential guests.

Host quality standards
Hosting policies

Your calendar

Snoozing or deactivating your listing

Learn how to pause or take down your listing, or why your listing was suspended or removed by ProperyStays<


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How payouts work


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Reservation help


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Responsible hosting

Responsible hosting in North America

These responsible hosting articles can help you start learning what it takes to be a host in your region. Each article has information about situational and location-based rules, including laws, regulations, taxation, best practices, and other considerations that apply to hosts who list on ProperyStays.

Responsible hosting in Asia-Pacific

These responsible hosting articles can help you start learning what it takes to be a host in your region. Each article has information about situational and location-based rules, including laws, regulations, taxation, best practices, and other considerations that apply to hosts who list on ProperyStays.

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Payment methods

How do I confirm my payment method?

To help us keep ProperyStays and your account secure, you may be asked to confirm a payment method. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Payment Methods
  • Review the payment options listed there
  • If a card needs to be confirmed, select Confirm card
  • Follow the steps to confirm the card
  • Keep in mind that your card will need to be confirmed before you can complete an in-progress reservation or make any other new reservations.

Any existing reservations won’t be affected.

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Popular questions

Popular questions

If your host canceled your reservation, you can transfer your payment to a new PropertyStays reservation or request a refund.

If you experience a travel issue that prevents you from being able to complete a trip with PropertyStays, and you’re unable to resolve with your host, our Guest Refund Policy may be applied in certain circumstances.

Eligible travel issues

Situations that may be eligible for a refund under this policy generally fall into one of three categories:

  • The host fails to provide reasonable access to the booked listing.
  • The listing is misrepresented (ex: number of bedrooms, location, lacks promised amenities).
  • The listing isn’t generally clean, is unsafe, or there’s an animal in the listing that wasn’t disclosed prior to booking.
  • PropertyStays will either provide you with a refund or use reasonable efforts to find and book another comparable accommodation for any unused nights left on your reservation.
  • The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the travel issue.

Submit a claim for refund

To submit a valid claim for your reservation:

Contact us to bring the travel issue to our attention.

  • If you notice the issue during check-in, contact us within 24 hours.
  • If the issue occurs during your stay, contact us right away. We’ll ask you to provide photographs or other documentation that show what you’re experiencing.

We will require that you:

  • Are responsive to our requests for additional information and cooperation.
  • Have not directly or indirectly caused the travel issue.
  • Have used reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances with the host prior to making a claim, including messaging your host on PropertyStays to notify them of the issue.
  • We’ll verify this in your account.
  • Review the Guest Refund Policy Terms for more details, including info about the minimum quality standards for accommodations, and what qualifies as a travel issue.

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Getting started

Finding a place to stay

How to find a place, reserve it, and coordinate details with your host. Learn how to search for places by specific characteristics like neighborhood or room type, how long a host has to respond to your request, and when and how you should send a host a message.
Finding a place

Sending a reservation request

Contacting hosts


Identification & verifications

Find answers to questions about providing ID, verifying your phone number, and completing your profile

  • What are profile verifications and how do I get them?
  • How does it work when ProperyStays asks for an ID?
  • Why didn’t I get my email notification?
  • What are the requirements to book on ProperyStays?
  • Is providing identification to ProperyStays secure?
  • How do I verify my phone number?
  • Does ProperyStays perform background checks on members?


Your trips

Help with your trip

Find out what to do if you need to make changes or get help after booking your reservation, or during your trip
Booking & reservation status

Problem with a host or listing

Post-trip issues

Your account

Business travel

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